The importance of Asian culture in Interior Design

Chances are you’re skimming through this post with eyes fixated on a watch, trying to cram in a few seconds before sending that email on 7p.m. sharp, with several clocks gazing at you simultaneously from your laptop, phone and wall. Bonus points if you also own that adorable cuckoo clock! Today, time is seen and experienced as linear, rushing without a slight breath, always tight and always insistent. What if we told you there exists a line of thought, a philosophy, or way of life, teaching us how to let go and break free from the dominance of linear Time? Or, as Blake puts it splendidly, “to hold Eternity in a palm of your hand?”

Asian culture stems from the perception of time as cyclical, seeing the world as floating amid limitless coexisting realities, where present always also is the past, the end the beginning, and then things get blurred and beautiful. This idea is embodied in Asian interior design elements to help transport such liberating feeling in everyday life.

You only need to glance at the sophisticated simplicity of our Bonsai Fountain to see how a sole design element can capture the boundless dynamism of life. Our soft-coloured lamps and delicate tea sets are designed to help you revamp the interior with a touch of zen-like aesthetic, Asian art, and minimalist elegance. Our Incense Burners are handpicked to help create a private stasis of time as we know it, exhorting a touch of eternity that rests beside your bed. And if you wish to roam the earth like a babe in the woods, you need not go further than gentle Chinese dresses that exhort a feeling of early blossoming.

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